Top 10 Best Men Underwear Brands in India 2021 with Price

Every man is taught in childhood by his mother to always wear underwear. This is much expected clothing on everyone’s body. Educated mothers take it as a part of childhood mannerism. No doubt, one should protect those vital body parts with soft fabric underwear so as to protect them from unwanted infections.

If you are the one who is searching for cosy and comfy underwear, then you should research some points before purchasing it. You can buy the underwear of best design by online. During the purchase of branded underwear, you should consider some fact like easiness, fabric, style, colour, design and many other things. A comfortable underwear is the basic requirement of men’s fashion and plays the most important and pivotal role. The top 10 underwear brands in India for men are enlisted below.

One always chooses underwear based on following criteria:

  • Shape of an underwear
  • Softness and durability of underwear fabric
  • A renowned brand that is known for quality undergarments

We have compiled a small list of underwear brands available in India ranking from 10 to 1:

10. Rupa Underwear for Men

Rupa Underwear for Men

Rupa is an Indian brand who has done extremely well in masses. People in middle class society love this particular brand. In fact they have kept the famous Bollywood Hero as their brand ambassador and are major spending money on Television ads and hoardings.

Rupa provides enormous comfort in wearing this garment under the external outfit to make it easy and cosy. The underwear of this brand fits both the young boys and men too. With good quality fabric, they give stylish undergarments for men, which every woman would like to see. If you have a low budget but are fussy on quality, then simply buy or order Rupa underwear. They offer great variety in patterns and colors for everyone. You can use this underwear for extreme comfort in summer season also.

9. Chromozome Underwear for Men

Chromozome Underwear for Men

A good brand with a nice image is what Chromozome is. This brand has even indulged money in advertisements on television. It is one of the most popular brands of underwear among youths and men in India. It is known for fabricating fancy and fashionable underwear with different look and stylish fabric.  A very seductive kind of an ad was coming to promote underwear for men. They have bright looking underwear with highlighted brand names on elastic. Chromosome Underwear for men is a good selection in budget for you!! Avail the best traditional underwear of Chromose by shopping online at your convenient website.

8. Jockey Underwear for Men

Jockey Underwear for Men

Among all the top 10 brands, Jockey may be leading the nation in terms of sales. It is an international brand that is equally famous in India like other domestic brands. It produces extremely good-quality underwear for men and for women as well. Daily it is increasing its sale rate in Indian market. This brand has highly competitive prices for quality unmatched products. More and more, it provides unmatched comfort and durability among all other available underwear in the market. Jockey has a huge distribution network in India from flagship stores to small vendors; Jockey has covered one and all. Jockey boxers or underwear comes in limited 3-5 shades with 2-3 patterns. Nevertheless, it is quite an old company and is coming as a trend from generation to generations. In a survey, it has found that from the average man to fashionable youths, maximum of them prefer this brand before anything else. Jockey is now being the most required and integrated fashion accessories for handsome fit guys.

7. Mark and Spencer Underwear for Men

Mark and Spencer Underwear for Men

M&S is an imported brand, which is brought to India by Reliance. They have retail stores in many metro cities and now even in 2 tier cities. M&S offers a huge variety of innerwear for men. They have sets with different colors and prints like checks, plaids, small unique prints, quirky prints like small pink flamingo on blue boxers etc. Moreover, fabric quality is immensely good. Hence M&S is a good preferred brand in undergarments for men. It is comfortable and also available in low prices which make it more attractive to the consumers. Do not waste your time thinking twice before purchasing such long-lasting smooth fit cotton underwear. Browse a shopping site and buy the latest design as per your size.

6. United Colors of Benetton Underwear for Men

United Colors of Benetton Underwear for Men

UCB as we all know play with colors and intricate prints. Every season they have a new collection of different color palette and people are crazy to grab the new styles. In undergarments department, they have good sales again because they are not very costly as well as have great looks. They offer different shapes and elastic broadness which fits in the requirements of almost all the Indians.

Quality with manly fittings is the compatible characteristics and major reason for such popularity of this brand among Indian youths and men. Every next year, this brand produces new items and limited editions that makes it the most natural and fit underwear among others.  However, this brand is little expensive, but you should avail this brand underwear if you are seeking for comfort and durability.

5. Nautica Underwear for Men

Nautica Underwear for Men

Nautica who are pioneers in beachwear also offers a great range of undergarments for its fans. The sign of a sail on a certain garment makes it a level above others. It is highly popular brand among upper class society and is costly but still worth the buy. It again comes in stylish patterns and designs which you cannot resist. Their exclusive stores and distributing centers are spread all over the India and is now gettable very easily through online shopping sites. This brand produces wide range of undergarments keeping the comfort factor first in mind. Various colours and fancy fabric designs make it more appealing and popular among customers.

4. Tommy Hilfiger Underwear for Men

Tommy Hilfiger Underwear for Men

We all know the famous brand TH who is on the new high in Indian population. It is a fashion iconic symbol and a TH flag on a cloth makes it triple in value. However, no just price, but TH has excellent quality clothing and undergarments. They do not compromise any day in fabric or style. This makes it an ideal choice of many fashion conscious males.

A long chain of distributors and customer base make this brand on the top of success. The produced underwear of this brand is now available numerous design and various price ranges. They have their own manufacturing unit in India and apparel shopping stores in almost all cities across this country. It is such a brand of underwear garments that never made a compromise ever with the quality of the material.

3. Emporio Armani Underwear for Men

Emporio Armani Underwear for Men

These are the most costly underwear in the lot, also costlier than Hanes and Calvin Klein. But trust me they are worth the cost. They are made of extra ordinary quality fabric and pattern is stylish. Boxers from EA keep the wearer comfortable all day long and even a good body fit. You can never go wrong in buying such luxurious underwear for yourself. It is quite a classy brand name which is expensive and every consumer would like to wear it. Go for outdoor shopping or online a real piece of Emporio Armani Underwear can always give you the uttermost comfort and luxury cosines.

2. Calvin Klein Underwear for Men

Calvin Klein Underwear for Men

It is a highly stylish underwear brand, which comes in good bright colors having the brand name highlighted on broad elastic. It is more of stature and young guys love to wear them under baggy jeans so that it is visible from the jeans waist to attract girls around. Calvin Klein is a consistent player in underwear industry and is doing great with its clientele. It is available in various designs and patterns in the market. It is one of the most familiar brands and expensive too. It includes high-quality fabrics in the underwear, making it lasting and the first preference of the stylish men. The sticker if this brand also tells many things. Avail through online and guide your clothing smoothly.

1. Hanes Underwear for Men

Hanes Underwear for Men

Hanes is preferred as the most comfortable brand among guys. This sells like hot cake and is a best seller in India. Women also like men wearing this underwear brand. They have a great range of attractive designs in boxers as well as boxer briefs.

I am sure you would find this list very helpful. Beauty is comfort and you should be comfortable within to be beautiful outside. Except beauty, personal hygiene is very important and good underwear plays a very big role in everyone’s life. Lead your life with fit and comfort to live in ease. Procure the best item of the market that suits your requirement. Get your jeans fit on your thigh with most unique and long lasting underwear.


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