Top 10 Best KarvaChauth Gift Ideas for Wife 2021

Karva Chauth, a festival of love between husband and wife celebrated in the northern part of the country. Falls in the fourth day after the full moon in the month of Karthik, Married Women observe fasting for the long life of their husbands. The Karva Chauth is also considered as Indian Valentine’s day and even unmarried women celebrate this day with fasting for the goodness of their future partner.

Below are the top 10 Karva Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife 2021.

1. Designer Dress

Gifting your wife a designer dress as per her taste and style in the day of Karva Chauth would definitely makes her happy and feel special.


2. A handbag

It is a great idea to gift a women with a handbag as she carries her treasure and valuables in it wherever she goes and in Karva Chauth day this gift would be just amazing.


3. Basket of Chocolates

Know your partner’s taste and flavors of sweets she like and gift her with a basket of handpicked chocolates and she will feel so happy for you.


4. Personalized Table Top

A personalized table top, preferably a crystal one with photos and messages would make her feel special and the care you have for her.

personalized table top

5. Teddy

Teddy, being a fascination of girls, you may think of gifting her a cute, big, fluffy teddy with greeting cards would definitely make her happy in the day of Karva Chauth.


6. Personalized Photo Album

Gifting your wife with a personalized album of your special moments in life would be definitely a creative gifting idea.

personalized photo album

7. Photo Mugs

You may gift her with photo mug with a special photo of both of yours together in it which will reminds her your true love always.

personalized photo mugs

8. A dinner made by you

A dinner fully made by you for her with a candle light would make your cheerful and feel proud of having you as your partner.

dinner date at home

9. Luxurious Spa

A luxurious Spa treatment on the day of Karva Chauth would be a great idea to make your wife happy and relaxed.

luxurious spa

10. Jewellery

Women loves Jewellery and being beautiful in it. Gift your wide a Jewellery of her choice in Karva Chauth.


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