Top 10 Best Ghee Brands with Price in India 2021

Ghee is the most important ingredient in the kitchen of every home across the country. Also known as clarified butter, it contains fat soluble vitamins and is beneficial to health in many ways. Ghee has a natural aroma, delicious taste and granule texture. Ghee is also used in cooking different dishes and sweets. The ancient healthy food is available in good packaging these days, having a long shelf life. There are many well known brands offering best quality ghee. Below is the list of top 10 brands which offer pure and freshly prepared ghee.

10. Nestle Everyday Ghee

Nestle Everyday Ghee

Nestle India is a popular brand in the country serving dairy products and other foods and beverages. The Nestle Everyday Premium Punjab ghee is made up of pure and hygienic milk, which provides great taste, rich aroma, long shelf life and many health benefits. A 1 ltr carton of Nestle Everyday Premium Punjab Ghee is available at the price of 380/-

9. Nova Ghee

Nova Ghee

Nova is a household name of the country, which is a brand of Sterling Agro Industries Ltd. Nova Ghee has a natural taste, ant it is nutritious and granular. Nova has also launched Karmas Pure Ghee with special grade, made up from cow’s milk, which is ideal for cooking as well. 1 ltr carton of Nova Ghee is available at 390/-

8. Madhusudan Ghee

Madhusudan Ghee

Madhusudan brand is a part of SMC Group, established in 1991. The best known for its quality dairy products, a brand presents Cow Ghee made with utmost hygienic conditions. Ghee contains essential nutrition and has delicious aroma and granulation. 200 ml Jar of Ghee is priced at 82/-

7. Hatsun Ghee

Hatsun Ghee

Hatsun Agro Product Ltd. is country’s one of the best known brands. Hatsun Agmark Ghee is a healthy, prepared with wholesome milk which gives consistent texture, great aroma and best quality. It is the ideal ghee making delicious dishes and sweets as well. A 1 ltr pack of ghee is available at the price of 463/-

6. Organic India Ghee

Organic India Ghee

If you are looking for the traditional method of Ghee, then Organic India is offering its products free from harmful chemicals, pesticides, hormones and GMO’s. A Cow Desi Ghee from the brand contains fat soluble vitamins, which is it’s cholesterol free and have a distinctive aroma and flavor. The product is best for having energy and strength.  A 500 ml pack is available at 595/-

5. Britannia Ghee

Britannia Ghee

Britannia has been serving its fresh and flavor-rich products from the last century. A trusted brand presents three variants in Ghee, Cow’s Milk Ghee, Danedar Ghee and High Aroma Cow Ghee. The brand offers the products in various sizes and packaging. The products are high in freshness and purity. The Britannia Desi Cow ghee of 1 ltr pack is available at 427/-

4. Gowardhan Ghee

Gowardhan Ghee

Gowardhan was founded by Parag Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd. The portfolio of the brand includes dairy products with the best quality. Gowardhan Premium Ghee is manufactured by untouched technique which promises purity. It is made up of 100% cow’s milk and with a great taste. The brand offers premium ghee in different sizes from 100 ml to 15 ltr. Best Price: 435/- for 1 ltr pouch.

3. Mother Dairy Ghee

Mother Dairy Ghee

Mother Dairy produces two types of Ghee, Cow’s Ghee and Buffalo Ghee. The brand is one of the leading brands in the country with the assurance of purity and best quality. Ghee has a quality of characteristics aroma and grainy texture. It is a good source of essential mineral and nutrition. Available in two sizes, 500 ml for 200/- and 1 ltr for 390/-

2. Patanjali Ghee

Patanjali Ghee

Patanjali products are coming in the best selling category these days. The brand produces the cow ghee with excellence quality. Patanjali Ghee is made up of cow’s pure milk with many benefits for health. The brand ensures pure quality with traditional taste and texture. The packs are available in two sizes: 500 ml for 250/- and 1 ltr for 450/-

1. Amul Ghee

Amul Ghee

Amul is the best seller dairy company in the country. Amul, Anand Milk Union Ltd. presents pure ghee in four variants. Amul Ghee and Amul Cow Ghee are available across the country, while Amul Brown Ghee and Sagar Ghee are available in few state of India. Amul Ghee has a shelf life of up to 12 months. Ghee comes with great taste and natural aroma. The packages are available in various sizes at the price of 390/- for 1 ltr pack.