SanNap Menstrual Cup Review Features, Pros, and Cons

Who can understand the problems faced by a woman during their periods than another woman? Yes, it is a woman who crosses the same path and hence she understands it better. Here we have SanNap Menstrual cups for your menstrual cycle and they are from an Indian startup company. It is started by a daughter and mother duo. This duo does not make just the products for women, they also make for babies. Yes, they aim to provide the best and hygienic products to both mothers and babies.

The best thing that every woman would want and this brand offers are, they are toxin-free. Only medical-grade silicone is used in the making of the cups. So, they are 100 percent safe for any woman to use using their menstrual cycle. It is an FDA-approved product. The ultra-soft silicone material is used in its making and so they are very safe to insert. They will not be any sort of discomfort when you are inserting the rim.

SanNap Menstrual Cup

SanNap menstrual cups are leak-proof and can withstand up to 12 hours. But if possible it is good to clean the cup every five hours for hygiene reasons. You will receive a clear instruction manual that will help you with the process of using the menstrual cup and what has to be avoided while using the cups. Just like most of the menstrual cups available in India, these also come in three different sizes. The size of the cup varies based on the size you pick and so you need to check the details before you pick.


  • For easy storage and for the ease of carrying it along with you, it comes with a soft and velvet pouch.
  • You get these cups in three different sizes. Small and medium are the usual picks by many women, but large is perfect for those with vaginal discharge.
  • It is a reusable menstrual cup and can be sterilized very easily for reuse.
  • It is a leak-proof and spill-proof menstrual cup.
  • The rim of the menstrual cup is very soft, which makes it comfortable for you to insert.
  • Only medical-grade silicone and dye are used in the making of the menstrual cups. So, they are not at all harmful to your skin. You can insert them and use them without any worries.
  • It can be used in the nighttime and stays leak-proof for 12 hours.


  • The menstrual cup is very easy to use and insert.
  • When inserted, it is the suction of the cup that keeps it in place and this cup comes with good suction.
  • The tip of the menstrual cup helps in removing it easily.
  • The quality of the cup is excellent and you will be able to see it when you start using it.


Most of us prefer menstrual cups with a small stem, but this cup has a too small stem. That can be a problem while removing the cup.

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