Top 10 Best Lingerie Brands with Price in India 2021

The word Lingerie was not a known word in Indian markets until recent times. The reason for that is the lack of advertising and compelling marketing, lack of fashion sense when you are talking about the intimate clothing, and most importantly the cultural shyness of the people in India. But now we can see that the time is changing. It is evident from the fact that most of the women in India are now in the lookout for the best possible lingerie which will help them not only to look good but also to feel good. A good lingerie makes your confidence a lot high at intimate times. That’s the only reason for which we can see the search for a good lingerie a lot increased in India.

There are several brands in the market which will just allure you to buy them but they don’t have better quality so you have to know about the product before buying it. While you look for the color of the product, you must also check the quality of the fabric whether it is skin friendly or not. If you are checking for the style I will suggest you to check the comfort factor along with it. So, here we are going to discuss about the top 10 lingerie brands in India along with their price.

Lingerie Brands in India

10. Jockey Lingerie

They are mostly famous for making the customers happy with their products. The fabric and amazing designs of the brand will certainly give you the look you want.

  • Price Range: 400 to 1000 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed
  • Fabric: elastane, cotton, spandex, polyamide
  • Where to buy:,,

9. Da Intimo Lingerie

Sports, laced or wired you will get everything here. This fashionable brand always gives woman comfort in the most fashionable way.

  • Price Range: 150 to 500 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, self design, lace
  • Fabric: polyester, nylon, cotton, elastane
  • Where to buy:,,

8. Triumph Lingerie

With stores all over the globe, you will easily get this brand anywhere. The brand is doing business in India since 2002 with a great reputation.

  • Price Range: 500 to 1500 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, satin finish, lace
  • Fabric: elastane, polyamide, nylon, polyester, cotton, nylon
  • Where to buy:,,

7. Inner Sense Lingerie

Some women are in love for organic products. For them, they will get anti-bacterial and anti-microbial products with very stylish designs in Inner Sense. This organic brand will always make you feel close to nature.

  • Price Range: 200 to 700 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, lace
  • Fabric: organic cotton, bamboo, nylon, lycra, elastane
  • Where to buy:,,

6. B’witch Lingerie

If you are a contemporary woman who love to experiment with different choices, then B’witch is the brand for you. You can get the product according to the features.

  • Price Range: 300 to 1000 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, lace
  • Fabric: rayon, cotton, polyamide, synthetic, viscose, elastane, polyester
  • Where to buy:,,

5. Clovia Lingerie

If you are searching for best quality fabric lingerie online then your search will end at Clovia. Customers always look more hot while wearing the product of the company established in 2013.

  • Price Range: 200 to 500 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, satin finish, lace, striped, self design
  • Fabric: blended, powernet, polyamide, cotton, polyester, jacquard, nylon
  • Where to buy:,,

4. Amante Lingerie

Thses are perfect fit products for you as they boast. Their products are best suited for every surrounding. You will feel always more confident and happy after wearing the product.

  • Price Range: 500 to 2000 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, satin finish, lace
  • Fabric: net, cotton, polyamide, synthetic, nylon, elastane, silk, microfibre
  • Where to buy:,,

3. Pretty Secrets Lingerie

This brand will surely make you feel bold and young from inside, such is the comfort of their product. This brand is a must have in your wardrobe.

  • Price Range: 500 to 1000 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, self design, lace
  • Fabric: polyester, blended, nylon, spandex, cotton, elastane, polyamide
  • Where to buy:,,

2. Enamor Lingerie

Their varieties of products talk for them since their launch in 2003. They are very famous all over India as woman love the brand in their wardrobe.

  • Price Range: 300 to 800 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, satin finish, lace, striped, self
  • Fabric: viscose, polyamide, elastane, polyester, nylon, spandex, cotton
  • Where to buy:,,,,

1. Zivame Lingerie

After the launch in 2011, Zivame just beat all other lingerie brands by a big margin and that makes it the no. 1 brand in our list. Once you wear it, you will never ask for any other brand, such is the charisma of the brand.

  • Price Range: 500 to 2000 INR
  • Pattern: solid, printed, self design, lace
  • Fabric: Polyamide, nylon, polyester, spandex
  • Where to buy:,