Top 10 Best Sugar Brands/Companies in India 2021

Here is a list of top ten Sugar Brands/Companies in India 2021. Sugar sector holds immense potential in providing food and energy security for the india which is going to be one of the most important developmental prerequisites in next 10+ years.

Sugar Brands in India

10. DCM Shriram Industries Limited

DCM is a well renowned Indian based company extensively engaged in the business of sugar, rayon, fine chemicals and alcohol. Along with this, its huge product range involves sugar, nylon, drug intermediaries, chemicals, industrial rayon, and freight containers. The company also promotes its joint venture named DCM Hyundai Limited and is a leading player in the sugar industry.

9. Dhampur Sugar Mills

With a focused and continuous effort towards maximizing the potential of the sugarcane, Dhampur sugar mills are a leading name in the industry. They have many sets ups for production and processing of the sugar. Operating majorly in three segments including sugar, distillery, and cogeneration, Dhampur Sugar Mills focus on wide range of products including sugar, ethanol, power, industrial gasses, and biofertilizer. They also cater to three types of sugars involving retail sugar, refined sugar, and white sugar and has more than five sugar units spread all over the country.

8. Andhra Sugars

An India based player focuses on manufacturing, trading, and sale of sugar, organic and inorganic chemicals at various plants located at Tanuku, Kovvur, Madurai, Saggonda, and Bhimadole.

7. Bannariamman Sugars

A big player in south India, Bannari Amman group specializes in the manufacturing and trading of alcohol, liquor, granite also along with sugar as the main product. The company is among sixth biggest sugar manufacturing unit in the country having its three major sugar manufacturing segments spread in various parts of south India.

6. Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries

Founded by Jaidayal Dalmia in 1935, Dalmia Bharat sugar & industries brings in  70 plus years of technical prowess and expertise in the sugar manufacturing business. The company firmly believes that sugar sector holds great potential in catering food as well as energy security for the country. They have a belief that sugar industry is one of the most growing industry from the development perspective, especially in next few years. With the same belief, they are moving ahead towards making the group technically strong and sound since its inception in the year 1994.

5. Triveni Engineering and Industries

Fast growing conglomerate with the focus on sugar and engineering as main areas. The Company is one of the largest sugar manufacturers in India and the market leader in its engineering businesses which consists of high-speed gears, gearboxes, and water treatment solutions among others. The company manufactures white and refined sugar for institutional customers as well as for retail consumers following stringent quality norms and purity levels for their products.

4. Oudh Sugar Mills Limited

Well known name in sugar producer market, Oudh Sugar Mills Limited is an Indian based integrated sugar production and manufacturing company. They are one of the largest sugar refiners all over the world and one of the leading producers of sugar in India. The company focuses on the technical aspects and overall quality of the product. Company covers the manufacturing as well as sale and trading of molasses, sugar, spirits along with the production and sale of fuel oil, industrial spirits, cogeneration and bio-compost and much more.

3. EID Parry

Owned by famous Murugappa group of Tamil Nadu, the group is worth 270 billion. With employee strength of more than 1000, EID parry is one of the top sugar producers in India and they are the largest in the southern India. The group has plans for diversification of businesses with interest areas in electricity generation along with the production of rectified spirit and making the factory to achieve ‘no waste plant’ goal soon.

2. Balrampur Chini Mills

A big name among the sugar manufacturing companies, they have other businesses of Ethyl Alcohol & Ethanol generation, selling of power and manufacturing and marketing of organic manure as well. Balrampur Chini has 11 sugar factories, mostly in northern India. They have an average crushing capacity of around 80,000 tons per day, at present.

1. Bajaj Hindusthan

One of the world’s top 5 and Asia’s number 1 sugar company, Bajaj Hindustan is the biggest player in the sugar industry. They are spread across 14 locations only in Northern part of India. Founded in the year 1931, they are leading sugar manufacturers in the market today. They have an aggregated capacity of 136,000 tons of sugarcane crushing capacity. The company provides jobs to many in the sugar industry.

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